TrackMan Tournaments

There are 2 ways to compete on the global Trackman Tournament platform: both are available at TeeBox Indoor Golf Club.

Trackman Virtual League

The Trackman Virtual League is designed for players of all skill levels to compete against players from around the world with similar playing abilities. Get the chance to win awesome prizes and once-in-a-lifetime golf experiences by posting your best effort on the selected virtual courses. You can sign up for the Virtual League for FREE on the Official Trackman Virtual League Tournament page. Don't forget to book your TeeBox within the designated timeframe outlined on the Virtual League page. 

The Virtual league

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Trackman’s Next Golf Tour 

Trackman’s Next Golf Tour is an incredible opportunity for highly skilled players and aspiring golf touring professionals to earn serious money to help fund and propel their careers in golf. Compete against the best of the best in Virtual Golf for a share of over $100,000 in prize money at each event! Join the tour by clicking below. After you join the tour make sure to book your TeeBox within the designated timeframe outlined on the official Next Golf Tour page.

This exciting new opportunity is the result of the amazing technological advancements in Trackman’s platform and is available for a limited number of players for a small tournament entrance fee as described on the Next Golf Tour page. 

NEXT Golf Tour

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No card to play on either tournament is needed. To join the Virtual League or the Next Golf Tour all you need is access to a Trackman simulator (TeeBox indoor golf club has you covered), a smartphone, 14 clubs and a whole lotta game. 

Trackman tournaments all use the TrackMan Golf App where you can track your data and progress over time.

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TBD 2024

Nov. '23 - Mar. '24

Virtual League 2023

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